American/monegasque Banker who despite her glamorous appearance is a business woman who is known in the heart of the centre of finance in Wall Street,

she is at ease in the trading rooms  and also on the red carpet at Cannes or on the front row of Fashion Week all over the world. She is the" Brains" of La Comitive.


Argentinian, professional polo player , jet setter, brought up in a circus , head of a gang of "gauchos" . Well known in South America for his fight against

Financial crimes, a sort of modern day Robin Hood he is always ready to join La Comitive .


English, a trader for 10 years he made a fortune, lost it all and disappeared , today he is the most wanted man by the city in London, nocturnal poker player and

 lover of jazz , he offers his many talents to the service of La Comitive.